VIKING Fire Gears Care and Maintenance

​​​​​​ No matter your choice of model, materials and layer combination for your VIKING fire gear, maintenance is critical to ensure maximum protection, hygiene and wear life of the garment.

  • Under normal conditions, gears should be cleaned and dried no less than every six months, and must always be cleaned immediately after contamination.

  • Under extreme conditions, gears should be cleaned and dried as appropriate to such conditions.

  • Please wash according to instruction labels inside the gear.

  • The life of your protective clothing can be extended by storing it out of the sunlight and washing it properly. Gears are to be kept in a plastic bag or stored on a hanger in a dry room.

washing and maintenance

General Washing Instructions

  • VIKING fire gears should be appropriately cleaned after use.

  • All detachable parts such as kneepads, snap hooks etc. should be removed before washing.

  • Remember to close zippers, hook and loop fasteners and snaps.

  • Washing temperatures should be 60° C/ 140° F, using the 'permanent press' setting, and rinse at least twice.

  • Do not use chlorine bleach.

  • Off-the-shelf cleaning detergents may be used.

  • If the garment is heavily soiled, pre-treatment can be done with common off-the-shelf items. Using a soft brush will aid, but be careful with liner and moisture barrier.


  • When drying the gear turn it inside out and hang it in a well-ventilated and shaded area.

  • If you choose to tumble dry the gear, always use a low heat setting (55° C/130° F).

  • Do not steam at permanent press and always inspect the suit before returning it to service.

  • Do not dry clean.​​​​​​​                                      

washing temperature 60C

Wash at 600, normal cycle

do not bleach

Do not bleach

Tumble dry at normal temperature starting temp. max. 500C

Tumble dry at normal temperature starting temp. max. 500C

Iron at max. 1500C

Iron at max. 1500C

(avoid reflectors)

Dry clean, mild cycle

Dry clean, mild cycle

washing and maintenance

Service and repair

If in doubt about whether your fire gear requires service, please contact VIKING and hand it in for inspection and clarification. If damage occurs to the garment, please contact VIKING, hand it in for servicing and have it repaired at a VIKING approved workshop.

Use ONLY authorized VIKING service center for repairs or modifications.

Any modifications or repairs by anyone other than authorized service centers will void all warranties.

We recommend that the suit be removed from service when it is determined to be unsafe or if the repair cost exceeds 50% of the replacement cost.​​​​​​