FAQs - Viking shake off challenge

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If you have any questions that our FAQs don't give you answers to, feel free to contact the VIKING Shake Off Challenge Team at:

Tel.: 800-727-2628

E-mail: DEB@VIKING-life.com

Here’s a quick list of the most common questions about the VIKING Shake Off Challenge. We’ll update this with questions that you submit that might also benefit others. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, go ahead and ask us about it!  

What’s the prize?

The fire department that submits the winning video will receive 10 complete sets of the new VIKING MACS turnout gear, along with Phenix Fire helmets, Black Diamond boots, Majestic Apparel hoods and gloves, and glove straps by Leatherhead Concepts in short, the top-of-the-line gear for one lucky fire department.

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Who can participate?

The VIKING Shake Off Challenge is open to firefighters from any US firefighting department—unless prohibited by state or local law—who are legal residents of the U.S. and regions or territories, and who are not otherwise ineligible under the Official Rules. The video entry must be submitted by one entrant as the team spokesperson. The spokesperson submits the video and any other materials on behalf of all the persons and organizations depicted in the submitted video. (See the Official Rules for details). 

What should video submissions be like?

To be eligible to win, videos must depict firefighters dancing to all or part of Taylor Swift’s hit song, Shake It Off. To the judging panel, how well you dance is not as important as your enthusiasm and creativity and the sheer fun of it all. Videos should be no more than 2 minutes long. To reduce the overall length of the original song, you are, for example, allowed to cut the beginning and end of the song together and cut out the middle part. Include a brief story to tell us about your fire department and the firefighters dancing in your video. For example, provide some background on what it was like to produce your video – the inspiration, the fun, your successes and perhaps the failures, too! And remember to give your team a stage name! 

How should videos be submitted?

Videos submitted must be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted videos and you should provide the link to your video in the contest (Entry Form)

Contact the challenge support team  if you have any difficulties. 

Besides the entryform you need to fill in 1 document, that you should submit by e-mail us right after filling in the entry form. This document is:

  1. Video/Photo & Waiver/Release Form signed by you and all of your team members 

You should email the form to: DEB@viking-life.com

All files will be retained by VIKING Life-saving Equipment (America), Inc., and cannot be returned. 

What can’t we do in the video?

It’s important to stay on the right side of the law when you’re producing the video. For example, your video must not contain product promotions in any form, and the judging panel will exclude entries that feature prominent logos (apart from any logos that distinguish your fire department or team) and/or other promotional elements. And of course, it must not include unsuitable, offensive or otherwise objectionable content, subject the sole discretion of the judging panel.  You may not use any other version of the song in your video, and you cannot change the words or basic melody of the song. Additionally, the video must be an original work that hasn’t previously been entered in other contests. Make sure you’ve asked the written permission of anyone included in the video – even if they’re just standing on the sidelines. And ensure, too, that no celebrities or public figures are mentioned or shown in any way unless you have obtained their written permission and provided this along with your entry. So, for example, you can’t focus the camera on a poster of Elvis Presley, even if it’s just for brief moment.  Although VIKING is sponsoring the VIKING Shake Off Challenge, entrants are not authorized to use our name, trademarks, materials subject to copyright, or other proprietary material for any purpose other than as part of an Entry in this Contest – unless, that is, you have obtained our written permission beforehand. Finally, don’t include the words “Shake It Off” in the title of your video. 

What file types are required?

Video entries should be a deinterlaced, high-definition (HD) recordings in one of the following formats: .mov, .mpeg4, .avi, .wmv, .mpegps, .flv, 3gpp or WebM and uploaded to Youtube as unlisted videos.  

What happens after our video is submitted?

Your entry will be reviewed to ensure it is complete and in compliance with the entry requirements set forth in the Official Rules. Of course, if time allows, we’ll do our best to let you know if anything is missing, but we can’t guarantee this, so make sure your entry is complete and submitted before the deadline.  The winners will be chosen by the judging panel based on the judging criteria set forth in the Official Rules. The winners will be announced at FDIC, Indy on Fire on April 22, 2016, and the winning video will be shown at the event. A representative from the winning fire department is required to be at the award ceremony at Indy on Fire on April 22.

Why is VIKING sponsoring this event?

As the leader in turnout gear for firefighters, VIKING Life-saving Equipment understands what our firefighters are facing—and we’re leading the change to advanced gear that can exposure to the potentially dangerous particles.    Who can I contact with any questions?For questions or more information, you can reach the VIKING Shake Off Challenge team at 844-895-1194 or by emailing your questions to DEB@viking-life.com