Triple Certified VIKING SHIELD offers fire services unrivalled protection

April 2022

Exclusively from VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, the VIKING SHIELD is the lone accredited PPE solution to collectively handle Technical Rescue/Extrication, Wildland Fire, and Emergency Medical Services risks.

VIKING SHIELD is recognized by UL as achieving NFPA compliance across wildland firefighting (NFPA 1977), technical rescue/extrication, including bloodborne pathogen protection option (NFPA 1951) and Emergency Medical Services (NFPA 1999) certifications.

While most people associate firefighters with the heavy gear needed for structural fires, fewer than one in five call outs arise from such emergencies. Over 60 percent of all cases in the United States are for medical aid; including rescue response or as support for emergency medical services and vehicle extrication.

For the first time, emergency responders have a purpose-built garment that has been designed for the majority of their call outs. The VIKING SHIELD is specifically developed for the most common calls departments currently face.

Grant Grinstead, Fire Segment Key Account and Product Manager for North America, VIKING, said securing full bloodborne pathogen protection certification would further drive uptake of VIKING SHIELD for technical rescue usage across North America, where its ‘three-in-one’ capabilities had “impressed everyone who has had a suit in their hands”. “When every second counts, first responders need protection against every eventuality and they often don’t know what they will be dealing with until they arrive on-scene,” said Grinstead. “Crews responding to auto accidents, for example, need to be especially confident that they are protected against bloodborne pathogens.”

The ‘modular’ VIKING SHIELD suit features a ‘snap-in’ Gore® SR breathable moisture barrier. This liner protects against water infiltration, bloodborne pathogens and NFPA testing requirement common chemicals for crews responding to vehicle extrications and emergency medical operations. Simply removing the inner moisture barrier turns the VIKING SHIELD’s outer shell into a fully NFPA-compliant wildland fire suit.

The VIKING SHIELD is based heavily on user input at the design stage “It just fits better and feels better…that’s the feedback we’re getting” said Grinstead. “We’ve paid attention to the details: on the hook and loop, water resistant zippers, and lay-flat pockets. Plus we sized the VIKING SHIELD just like our structural gear, making it easy for the department to transition into it” he continued.


VIKING Life Saving Equipment A/S Expands Turnout Gear business in the North American market

November 2021

The increasing complexity of fire protection leads VIKING to strengthen the organization with two new appointments to better serve partners and customers

VIKING has experienced constant growth in the North American fire business in recent years and the organization is taking the next step to boost the organization. New resources have been added to the team to strengthen product development and provide even better service to partners and fire departments.

As an active firefighter with over 23 years of experience in the business, Grant Grinstead has taken up a new role as Key Account Manager and Product Manager. In addition to supporting major customers, Grinstead will focus on managing VIKING’s portfolio of turnout gear. In collaboration with VIKING designers he will ensure the continuous development of new materials and design features to ensure VIKING gear’s position at the forefront of fire PPE technology.

The company is also pleased to announce that Sean Murray has joined the fire team as Sales Director for the North American market where he will be responsible for developing and expanding the growing turnout gear business. Murray has spent the last 13 years managing large high-profile territories and building winning sales teams within the Public Safety Industry.

“Increasing demands in protection require specialized knowledge and experience from the field. Together our North American team is in a strong position to continuously raise the bar in firefighter safety,” says Lars Kersting Global Sales Director.

Grant Grinstead
Sean Murray

VIKING Shield offers three-in-one protection for first responders

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment launches fully certified, three-in-one protective gear so first responders can be ready for wildland fires, technical rescue/extrication or emergency medical operations

The VIKING Shield is a new generation of multi-purpose protective gear that allows crews answering emergency calls to get underway assured of having the gear that is fit-to-purpose, whatever lies ahead.

The challenges are growing with more frequent and larger wildland fires and frequent exposure to bloodborne pathogens during emergency rescues. VIKING Shield is the only gear certified by UL as compliant with NFPA 1977, 1951 and 1999 standards, offering bloodborne pathogen protection for technical rescue/extrication and emergency medical operations.

“Three-in-one protection is part of the design for the VIKING Shield,” said Grant Grinstead, Fire Segment Sales Manager, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment. “The Gore® SR moisture barrier liner protects against water ingress, bloodborne pathogens and chemicals for crews responding to vehicle extrications and emergency medical operations. For wildland fires, push buttons snap the liner out, making the VIKING Shield an NFPA 1977-compliant wildland garment.”

The Gore® SR moisture barrier is a lightweight film laminated to a substrate, which is both durable and tear resistant while remaining comfortable against the skin. The VIKING Shield’s outer shell is made from Safety Components Sigma™ with a comfort twill weave and a unique blend of fibers to provide the resistance to flame spread and fire required for NFPA compliance.

As well as being multi-functional, VIKING Shield gear is tailored to fit responders rather than being limited to standard sizes. “If it fits better and feels better, you can wear it longer,” commented Grinstead. “We develop gear with firefighters, conducting wear trials to evaluate real situations.”

“Hardworking firefighters deserve higher quality gear that’s better to wear than what’s on the market,” said Camilla Callesen, VIKING design engineer. “VIKING Shield gear is as lightweight and form-fit as we can make it, with no compromise on safety. All good gear starts with extensive research,” she says.

The collaborative approach set VIKING apart, he said, when it came to details such as waterproof press buttons and zippers, and lay-flat pockets on pants and coats. VIKING has also added a shoulder pad design to make coats more comfortable for responders wearing heavy equipment or backpacks. Departments have a choice of traditional tan, black and dark navy blue, with dual color
garments available for visibility.

“Firefighters out on the interstate may be called on when they don’t have full turnout gear on, or to rescues where heavily insulated turnout gear isn’t necessary,” said Grinstead. “Either way, VIKING Shield offers the triple-certified garment to cover the gap.”