VIKING on fire at Interschutz

Interschutz 2015 will be the stage for a powerful demonstration that leading fire suit manufacturer VIKING Life-Saving Equipment (VIKING) is able to listen closely and respond quickly to firefighter concerns and needs.

Far from promoting step-by-step improvements to existing products, the company will be showcasing innovative leaps in product development that tackle key firefighting issues.

“VIKING has the advantage of being an international player,” says Vice President Jens Peter Kruse at VIKING. “We develop fire suits for different markets and requirements, so we can bring innovations and practices to Interschutz from all around the world.”

New detachable outer shell concept

Topping the bill is the all-new VIKING Guardian. Reacting to growing evidence of illness from exposure to dangerous particles among firefighters, VIKING’s most radical fire suit re-design, known as the VIKING Guardian, is purpose-built to provide its wearer with an entirely new level of protection.

“Exposure to carcinogens and other dangerous particles is a serious concern for firefighters and support personnel, and their families, too,” says Jens Peter Kruse, VIKING’s Vice President for PPE. “These particles can be found on fire suits and can contaminate the fire truck, be carried back to the firehouse, and even back home.”

Military-inspired flexibility

VIKING MACS EN 469 suit enables firefighters to personalize their suit more than ever before. The new features include a military-inspired system of webbed loops that can be used to attach modular pouches, pockets or other equipment.

“Anyone who has done military service will be familiar with the modular, adjustable system incorporated into combat gear and backpacks to carry various kinds of accessories,” says Jens Peter Kruse “We’ve built this capability into VIKING MACS, making it possible for firefighters to quickly and easily personalize the individual features e.g. pockets, d-rigs it won’t interfere with other equipment.”

Modular reconfiguration isn’t the only flexibility to be designed into the new suits, however. Pre-bent elbows and knees, detachable internal kneepads, and removable under-boot straps are all aimed at ensuring maximum freedom of movement. VIKING has placed reinforcements of Dupont™ Kevlar® at key wear areas such as shoulders, elbows and cuffs, and there is a wide range of outer shells to choose from.

High visibility technical rescue suit

Extreme breathability, flame resistance and waterproofing in a lightweight, high visibility, material – these are the key features of VIKING’s Technical Rescue Suit, a multi-protective, multi-purpose garment that can be viewed and tried on by visitors to VIKING’s stand.

Made from a special combination of GORE® PYRAD® with belting of Kermel® mesh, the Technical Rescue suit recognizes the fact that over 90 percent of rescue operations don’t demand high-risk fire and flashover protection. Instead, firefighters need to be able to move freely, act quickly and keep on working for hours on end. The suit’s unique, form-fitted design can reject static electricity and keep out rain while delivering best-in-class breathability.