Press release
April 2018

VIKING Stays on Top of Particle Protection

FDIC 2018 in Indianapolis will see VIKING turnout gear again take center stage with PartX™ particle protection and
a new version of the popular VIKING MACS model.

When the FDIC 2018 exhibition kicks off on April 25th, VIKING will be on the spot. And again this year, the company has good news for firefighters speculating about the effects of hazardous particles on their health.

Lars Kersting, Global Fire Sales Director at VIKING, highlights one new development - the particle protection pioneer’s PartX™ technology - as offering a new way of safeguarding fire crew in a wide variety of dangerous situations.

“The pushback against potentially hazardous particles is still one of the biggest challenges to beat for turnout gear manufacturers like VIKING — and we’ve poured resources into the fight over the past five years,” he says, “Recently, we’ve been developing and testing PartX™ technology with painstaking precision, and this unique, multi-faceted approach to particle protection will be displayed in samples we’ll have on our stand at FDIC this year.”

VIKING Fire attends FDIC 2016, booth 707

Turnout gear with the PartX™ approach is clearly different from standard equipment. The key differences lie in the way critical access points such as sleeves, pant and jacket hems have been re-designed to present multi-stage barriers to entry and in the sheer quality of craftsmanship necessary to combat tiny particles and other substances. PartX™ is also able to be integrated into
a firefighting hood crafted in DuPont™ Nomex® Nano-Flex material, providing improved protection from particles at the neckline, ears and jaw.

VIKING MACS gear will also be on display this year — but this time, the popular gear won’t just feature military-style MACS pockets for super-flexible configuration, they’ll also be available with a fixed-position pocket option.

Lars Kersting explains “We’ve produced the new, fixed-pocket model based on the popularity of the suit itself, not just the MACS pockets that were the original key feature. And that’s because it is a very comfortable, lightweight and durable model. By offering a fixed-pocket version, we’re able to give VIKING MACS fans greater freedom of choice.”

Visitors who try on VIKING turnout gear at Booth #707 will go in the draw to win one of four firefighting backpacks designed by Niki Rasor of Firefighting Turnout Bags. The backpacks are made of the same materials as VIKING turnout gear and offer world-class protection for anything put in them, too.

For more information, please visit or stop by Booth #707 during the show. You are also welcome to call us at 757-855-2233.