All our suits are made with top quality materials and are engineered to be extremely durable, and comfortable - while offering excellent thermal and flashover protection. If you can't find exactly the style and type of gear that you are looking for, please contact us - we can make it for you!

Features and material components





  • DuPontTM Nomex Outer Shell
  • GORE RT7100 Moisture Barrier
  • TenCate Q-8TM Thermal Liner
  • Triple Trim
  • Typical Offshore Option
  • Other layer combinations available!

Maximizing Protection

  • Nomex® IQ Outer Shell
  • CROSSTECH® Black Moisture Barrier
  • Isomex® and Iso Air® Thermal Barrier
  • TenCate Ara-Shield® Knee, Two Layer Reinforcement (double padded knee)
  • TenCate Ara-Shield® Elbows and Cuffs
  • Extra Padded Suspenders
  • Hand Warmer Pockets
  • NYC Triple Trim
  • American Flag
  • Other layer combinations available!


  • TenCate Advance™ Outer Shell
  • GORE CROSSTECH® Black Moisture Barrier
  • 6 mm Knee protection
  • NYC Triple Trim
  • Other layer combinations available!